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Hanne Lore Koehler:

"Summers in Southern Ontario are usually marked by periods of sweltering hot humid weather when we all insist that it's not the heat that bothers us, 'it's the humidity.' After experiencing our long cold snowy winters, we would not dare complain of summer's sizzling heat - would we? It has become tradition for Southern Ontarians who live and work near large city centers to make a Friday afternoon exodus from the city, driving north up highway 400, 69 or 35 to areas in the Near North in search of a shady spot by a lake, where there is the slim chance that a faint on-shore breeze might cool us down. If that doesn't work, we know that a refreshing swim in the lake will.

In our own pursuit of this utopia, we come across many charming landscapes and intriguing summer scenes of the cottage country of Muskoka, Haliburton, Huntsville and Gravenhurst where the rugged beauty of the Pre-Cambrian Shield is ever visible. Enormous coniferous and deciduous trees cling in every crevace to rocky cliffs that flank the roads and lakes. As you drive through the area, you pass one scenic lake after another contained in an embrace of docks with colorful moored boats of every kind and hidden among the trees are various cabins, cottages and bunkies. This image has to be painted.

The refreshing rush of a waterfall in a nameless creek where luminous blue and red dragonflies hover in the sun, is an irresistible attraction while hiking on an Algonquin trail - a good spot to sit, have a drink and cool off your feet. As sunlight filters through the leafy canopy, the sounds of water rippling over stones, rushing around and over boulders, tumbling over waterfalls into small pools that immediately scurry to the next location down the creek, create the voiceless whispers of summer friendly woods. As the crystal waters of the creek cascade over, under, between and through boulders and pebbles, they seem to expose the rugged bones of the landscape like a knife carving through flesh. The raw untouched magnificence of the scene is embedded in your psyche. This image has to be painted.

When the Loons announce the arrival of dawn on one of the thousands of lakes, the alluring call beckons and you readily accept their invitation to witness another beautiful sunrise. The call of the Loons on a northern lake is hauntingly beautiful. The moment you hear it out of context, your memories are instantly stimulated and all the smells and visions that had once accompanied that sound come rushing to the forefront of your brain and you wonder how you can be homesick for a place you never lived. Like a skipping stone across the water, the Loon not only leaves a water trail as it takes flight, it leaves a trail in your heart. This image has to be painted."

Hanne Lore Koehler

Written and painted by , owner of Koehler Art Studio Gallery. An artist who has painted many watercolor, acrylic, oil paintings and murals of landscapes, portraits, still life, architectural and sports art, she is also an author and illustrator of children's books. You can find her on Google, follow her on Facebook and also on Twitter.

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The North American summer landscape paintings in this gallery include hand painted original watercolors, oil on canvas or acrylic paintings by Hanne Lore Koehler. Choose from Canadian summer landscape art, American summer landscape art, paintings of lakes, paintings of forest creeks, Northern Ontario Algonquin sunset paintings, Muskoka sunrise paintings, Gravenhurst, Haliburton Highlands, Huntsville paintings, East Coast fishing village scenes, Lunenburg Bluenose painting, Slovenija and a view of the Pacific near Seattle. In this gallery of summer landscape paintings you will find the scenes that I felt compelled to paint including lakes, streams, rivers and creeks of The Eastern Townships, Gravenhurst, Haliburton, Huntsville, Muskoka, Northern Ontario wilderness, Southern Ontario farmland, and the spectacular landscapes of the United States.

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