Order original still life paintings in watercolor, oil on canvas or custom hand-painted acrylic wall murals. This delicate art for women will enhance the traditional rooms in your home and bring warmth and charm to modern up-dated contemporary kitchen, bedroom, baby nursery and dining room spaces. With art prints, posters, art cards, acrylic prints and canvas prints available in many sizes framed or unframed, you can decorate your bedroom, livingroom, dining room, great room, spa and salon with this unique artwork at a price to suit every budget.

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Hanne Lore Koehler:

"As in life, I do enjoy variety in my painting. Although I love the fast moving free-style splashing watercolor of action paintings, sometimes the detailed intricate work of a still life painting can be calming and rewarding as well. If you look closely, however, even my still life paintings show a hint of movement: a falling leaf, a steaming cup of coffee, a billowing curtain, a trickling raindrop on the window pane, a glowing flickering candle, all suggest that life goes on. We may try to capture a moment but time is elusive. How quickly the sunlight streaming in through the window changes and shadows move!

For me, however, the still life paintings I create must not only be attractive and draw you, the viewer, in for a closer look but, when you actually take the time to examine one of my paintings more closely, I want you to be rewarded with a flood of unspoken meaning, a revelation, a story, a discovery, an emotion, a feeling, an opinion, a thought, a song. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is definitely my still life art that should bring meaning to those words. Most of my still life paintings are very calming, soothing, relaxing to look at. There is a gentleness of spirit, a kindness, a love of humanity that permeates them and hopefully, your reaction to these images would be a mellow one.

Many of my still life paintings can be considered an encapsulation of visual metaphors. Through the use of symbolism, I try to express my point of view, a thought I would like you to contemplate as I did while painting the image, a message I would like you to ponder or just a story to entertain you. For instance, fallen blossoms below a fresh-cut bouquet of roses not only make us aware of their fleeting beauty, they can symbolize the elusive innocence of childhood. A photo of a child lovingly displayed reminds us that the arrival of each new generation gives birth to the past, to a panorama of childhood memories. Cherished letters, sentimentally held with a length of satin ribbon like a gift of memories, have steeped with time and the dreams that must be captured therein have long turned to memories and the memories, like the letters, have faded.

The deeper meanings in my cheery still life paintings are not at first apparent. A wreath of dainty dried flowers lovingly hung in the window welcomes the warmth of the sun after the rain. A cold, dreary melancholy world outside is barely visible through drying rain droplets as the window pane warms with the sunshine like tears drying on a comforted cheek. The lace and porcelain displayed on the window sill symbolize the fragility of the human spirit. As the sun spills in onto the warm wood of an old farmhouse, it brings back all the happy carefree childhood memories that were made there. The mood is pensive - a time for reflection. The gentle tapping on the window pane is somehow soothing and perhaps a steaming cup of tea and home-baked cookies will comfort the soul. Be gentle with yourself on this quiet morning. The arrival of the sunshine will re-charge the spirit.

"In good time, the bad times will disappear."

Hanne Lore Koehler

Written and painted by , owner of Koehler Art Studio Gallery. An artist who has painted many watercolor, acrylic, oil paintings and murals of landscapes, portraits, still life, architectural and sports art, she is also an author and illustrator of children's books. You can find her on Google, follow her on Facebook and also on Twitter.

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