Slideshow 1 ..... Team Sports Art
Paintings include baseball, hockey, football, soccer, synchronized swimming, figure skating and Tour de France cycling.
Slideshow 2 ..... Winter Sports Art
Paintings include skiing, Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, skating and ice climbing.
Slideshow 3 ..... Summer Sports Art
Paintings include whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, boating, wind surfing, surfing, scuba diving, rowing, racing, biking and cycling.
Slideshow 4 ..... Children Playing Sports
Paintings include children playing baseball, soccer, basketball, street hockey, and tobogganing, boys skateboarding, fishing, snowboarding and diving from a rope swing.
Slideshow 5 ..... Paintings With Children
Paintings include children on tire swing, children playing with dog, kids playing in snow, girls mailing letter, kids playing on the beach, boys building tree house, girls playing dress-up selling lemonade.
Slideshow 6 ..... Child Portraits
Paintings include portraits of children, baby portraits, child portraits, family portraits, boy, girl, toddler, teen portraits, action portraits, informal and formal portraits.
Slideshow 7 ..... Adult Portraits
Paintings include adult portraits, boudoire portraits, celebrity portraits, formal portraits, informal portraits, grandmother, grandfather, parents and family portraits.
Slideshow 8 ..... Caricatures
Caricatures include comical character paintings, comical Christmas cards, product label and family caricature drawing. Commission a custom caricature for your special event!
Slideshow 9 ..... Pet Portraits
Example paintings include cat portrait, dogs, puppies, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setter, Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Hound, Cock-a-poo and Jack Russell Terriers. Commission a portrait of your loving furry companion!
Slideshow 10 ..... Horse, Animal & Wildlife Portraits
Equine art includes race horses, California Chrome, Preakness, Kentucky Derby, mare and foal, Westerns, Thoroghbreds. Wildlife and animal paintings include elk, buffalo, racoon, rooster and hen paintings.
Slideshow 11 ..... Winter Landscape Art
Paintings include snowy winter creeks, winter farm landscape, rural winter scenes, country winter scenes, winter forest lake scenes and East coast winter painting.
Slideshow 12 ..... Spring Landscape Art
Paintings include fisherman in stream, river fishing scenes, forest creeks, spring woodland lake, rural springtime scenes and forest in springtime.
Slideshow 13 ..... Summer Landscape Art
Paintings include North American summer lake scenes, Canadian lake sunset scenes, East coast fishing villages, West coast sunsets and farm valley sunrises.
Slideshow 14 ..... Autumn Landscape Art
Paintings include autumn sunset and sunrise landscapes, fall color farm landscapes, Lake Huron stormcloud scene, Algonquin, northern Ontario fall landscapes, misty autumn streams, waterfalls and vibrant colorful leaves.
Slideshow 15 ..... Boat & Ship Paintings
Paintings include sailboats on calm waters, sailboat in stormy sea, tall ship, clipper ship, Bluenose II, dories, fishing boats and woody cruiser.
Slideshow 16 ..... Feminine Still Life Art
Paintings include flower vase, billowing curtains, lace doilies, candles, porcelain, potpourri, china cups, flower wreath, cookies and apple pie.
Slideshow 17 ..... Masculine Still Life Art
Paintings include cabin fireplace, fishing tackle, fly fishing basket, duck decoys, snow shoes, oil lamps, carving tools and model ship.
Slideshow 18 ..... Music Instrument Art
Paintings include an elegant conservatory, cheerful music room, charming attic and sentimental music corner that feature piano, violin, mandolin, flute, cello, bass, harp, viola, French horn and saxophone.
Slideshow 19 ..... Flower Garden Art
Garden Paintings include arbors, gazebo, rock garden path, wild flowers, rustic waterpumps, old buckets, watering cans, clay pots, wheelbarrows filled with flowers to plant and garden tools.
Slideshow 20 ..... Leaves & Flowers Paintings
Paintings include peonies, pink roses, white roses, yellow roses, tulips, lilies, irises, poppies, ferns, periwinkle, maple leaves and Queen Anne's lace.
Slideshow 21 ..... Home Portrait Paintings
Home portraits include sample paintings of homes, summer homes and cottages in Canada, United States, and U.K. Moving? Preserve the memories made in your family home with a painted portrait of your home direct from artist!
Slideshow 22 ..... Home Portrait Drawings
Home portraits include sample ink drawings, pencil sketches and computer drawings of homes, summer homes and cottages in Canada, United States, and U.K. Moving? Preserve the memories made in your family home with a hand-drawn ink portrait of your home direct from artist!
Slideshow 23 ..... Cityscapes & Architectural Art
Paintings include cityscapes, heritage buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, ethnic club building, City of Cambridge scenes. Commission a painting of a favorite scene in your hometown!
Slideshow 24 ..... Landscape & Commercial Murals
Hand-painted murals include a Paris scene, sunset silhouette scenes, a wine cellar, German Pub, Japanese mural, garden trompe l'oeuil, a Portugese country church mural, a rural scene and a bakery mural. Commission a custom wall mural design!

Slideshow 25 ..... Sports Wall Murals
Sports wall murals include a composite sports theme featuring baseball, hockey, football and soccer. There are motorcycle, race car, baseball, figure skating, surfing and cycling murals. Commission your custom mural design!

Slideshow 26 ..... Kids Wall Murals
Examples of murals for children include preschool mural, child room mural, teddy bear mural, bunny mural, furry forest friends mural, dragon castle mural and more. Commission a custom design mural for your child!
Slideshow 27 ..... Midnight Sun Art For Kids
Paintings for children include Eskimo children playing, skating kayaking, skiing, having fun in the land of the Midnight Sun. All images in this series are in square format.
Slideshow 28 ..... Art For Kids - Illustrations
Paintings for children include fun images from Koehler storybooks, bunnies, gorilla, ducks, geese and more.
Slideshow 29 ..... Werner Landscape Paintings
Landscape oil paintings by my dad, Otto Werner, include Webster's Falls, country lanes, Thousand Islands, lake views, Grand River scenes, Canadian and German landscapes.
Slideshow 30 ..... Female Nude Figure Art
Female nude art by my dad, Otto Werner, include tasteful female nude and figurative oil paintings, watercolors and acrylic impasto paintings from realistic to modern and abstract styles.
Slideshow 31 ..... Photo Art Of Wood Carvings
Photo Art includes artistic photography of Hand-carved wood cookie baking molds carved by Otto Werner, photographed by Hanne Lore Koehler.
Slideshow 32 ..... Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Designs
Featured are traditional Pennsylvania Dutch, Mennonite, Amish and Hutterite Hex signs, redesigned and artistically presented by Otto Werner for the Waterloo, Ontario Timeteller Gazebo.