spring landscape paintings

Spring Landscape Paintings

Shop for spring landscape paintings direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. Original spring landscape paintings in this gallery include watercolor paintings, oil paintings on canvas and acrylic wall murals of peaceful North American springtime scenery. The early spring landscape art in this online gallery includes muted tones of browns and blues and melting snow patches of misty farm valleys. Late spring paintings feature lush green and blue streams, rushing rivers and gurgling creeks of grinning fishermen who claim to be after that illusive monster fish as they release their small catches. You know they are just happy to be enjoying nature at its finest. Enjoy these spring watercolor and oil paintings by artist


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painting of fisherman fishing in stream
Image 10-1
forest stream painting in spring
Image 10-2
Bear Paw Stream
fisherman fishing in river
Image 10-4
A Good Day Fishing
moody spring valley landscape painting
Image 10-5
Moody Valley
spring farm landscape painting
Image 10-6
Spring Thaw
spring farm scene painting
Image 10-7
Early Spring
Painting Of Boy fishing with grandpa
Image 10-9
Our Special Place
Mt. Rainier spring painting
Image 10-10
Symphony Of Silence
painting of boys fishing by waterfall creek
Image 10-11
Making Memories
rural landscape painting
Image 10-12
forest painting
Image 10-13
Mystic Forest Majesty
painting of loon skimming across a lake
Image 10-14
Northern Reflections
waterfall creek painting
Image 10-15
Sunfish Creek
spring garden water pump painting
Image 10-16
Country Charm
painting of pring garden water pump with bluebirds
Image 10-17
Morning Shower
spring garden landscape painting
Image 10-18
Door To My Heart
Ontario spring landscape painting
Image 10-20
Muskoka Reflections
Spring garden landscape painting
Image 10-21
Spring At Last
weeping willow sunrise painting
Image 10-23
Weeping Willow Sighs
painting of Mount Rainier
Image 10-24
In Joyful Harmony
Washington Olympic Park Shi Shi Beach painting
Image 10-25
Sea Stack Serenity
West Coast Ocean view
Image 10-27
Beyond the Shore

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With art prints, posters, art cards, acrylic prints and canvas prints available in many sizes framed or unframed, you can decorate your home, office or cottage livingroom, great room, bedroom, office, restaurant, retail or commercial spaces with this unique artwork at a price to suit every budget.

Inquire about the availability of an original spring landscape painting, a price for ordering a painting of a favorite spring scene in your personal photograph collection or the commission of a sprintime painting for your fundraising project. Your painting will be painted personally and with sensitivity by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!

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Shop for North American spring landscape paintings direct from artist and save on gallery markup. Purchase unique art for your clients including dining room art, living room art, great room paintings, family room paintings, art for executive offices and boardroom art direct from artist at wholesale art prices.


Early spring in Southern Ontario cities can get quite messy; the freeze and thaw cycles create countless pot-holes in our streets that fill with slush and dirty salty run-off. When a vehicle hits, the mess can get splashed for many feet, leaving a town looking drenched in brown and gray. Then, suddenly, a warm spring rain can blow in, cleaning up the unsightly mess and washing away all signs of winter. In the country, lingering white patches of snow are still evident among early spring browns that fade to distant blues. The warm spring air that collides with the cold air surrounding these snowy bits creates a fog that can can hang over an entire area. Misty meadows and moody tones reflect the temperamental whims of the season.

Slowly, the moody brown tones remaining after Nature has banished winter from her kingdom transform. With each refreshing spring rainfall, the hues on distant hills become greener and greener. The arrival of Spring revitalizes not only the landscape but the spirit with new hope - new dreams. As the spring sunshine gains strength, the pale green folliage of spring begins to sprout. The colorful interwoven branches of a clump of Willows nestled in the frosty banks of the Grand River behind our house, conceal a nest of newly hatched ducklings. Hibernating Southern Ontario farms are slowly warming up to spring. The Mourning Doves have returned to the barn and Robins are staking out their territory. A "V" of Tundra Swans flew high overhead this morning noisily announcing their return although they were only half way to their destination. Life is unfolding as it should.

Beginning as a trickle of melted snow in the forest-covered hills of Northern Ontario that gathers momentum with the addition of each new tributary, a cold ice-water creek meanders under fresh spring growth, merging with a waterfall here and underground run-off there, that soon dissolves into a stream. Each stream develops its own eco-system and becomes the habitat for a myriad of creatures, the most popular of which is the fish. Because Ontario has over 400,000 lakes, streams and rivers that comprise 15% of the world's fresh water, fishing is a favorite leisure sport enjoyed by people of all ages and the arrival of Spring brings out the rods, reels, tackle boxes and fly fishing baskets. Winter's ice fishing huts on a frozen lake are happily replaced by motor boats. Bass, wallaye, trout, pike and perch are only a few of over fifty species of freshwater fish available in Ontario lakes. The relaxing peace and tranquility discovered while fly fishing in a Southern Ontario stream is only interrupted by the occasional nibble and actual catching of a fish. Whether you catch a fish or not, any day spent in pursuit of this creature is classified as a good day fishing. As testament to this, I have seen many a bumper sticker that states: "A bad day fishing beats a good day at the office!"