musical instrument paintings

Music Instrument Paintings

Add a touch of class to your home decor with musical instrument still life art. Shop for original paintings, canvas and art prints direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. These hand-painted watercolor, acrylic and oil on canvas paintings of sunny window scenes, an elegant conservatory, a cheerful music room, a charming attic, a sentimental music corner feature collections of musical instruments that will enhance your classical traditional home and bring warmth and character to the modern classy spaces of your up-dated contemporary home. Original paintings by artist


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painting of musical instruments in a conservatory
Image 16-2
The Conservatory
painting of piano in a sunny window scene
Image 16-3
Piano In The Sun
painting of violin and mandolin
Image 16-4
Memories And Music
painting of piano violin and figurines on farmhouse window sill
Image 16-6
Virginia Waltz
painting of ice skates, diary and guitar
Image 16-7
Dear Diary
painting of musical instruments
Image 16-8
Simple Pleasures
violin still life painting
Image 16-9
Sunshine Treasures
painting of woman at piano surrounded by musical instruments
Image 16-11
painting of French horn and violin
Image 16-12
Brass And Strings
painting of violin on piano bench
Image 16-13
Strings And Things
painting of French horn cello piano violin
Image 16-14
Any Dream Will Do

Affordable Art

With art prints, posters, art cards, acrylic prints and canvas prints available in many sizes framed or unframed, you can decorate your home, office or cottage livingroom, great room, bedroom, office, restaurant, retail or commercial spaces with this unique artwork at a price to suit every budget.

Inquire about the availability of an original painting shown above or request a quotation for a painting of your favorite instrument, studio scene or conservatory scene from your personal photograph collection. Ask about the commission of a painting for your fundraising project. Authors and publishers, I would be happy to quote a price for a cover art illustration for your fiction or non-fiction book. All paintings are hand-painted personally and with sensitivity by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!



We are a family of music lovers. My earliest remembrance of enjoying music was as a young child lying on the livingroom carpet on Sunday evenings with my dad listening to Beethoven, Wagner, Verdi and Liszt on our hi-fi record player while he told me stories of the composers by candlelight. One of my favorites was Saint-Saens: Samson et Dalila. Then we got a TV and watching the musical acts actually perform on the Ed Sullivan Show was fantastic. Singing and dancing around the kitchen floor with my mom and dad was a wonderful part of my childhood. Although no one in my family has had a career in music, everyone in the last five generations has had the pleasure of being able to play a musical instrument. We have guitar players, accordian players, a piano player, a saxophone player and a flute player. My husband and I met in a band.

I always listen to music when I paint and I find myself getting lost in the moment. The movement of my paint brushes reflect the beat in the music; my thoughts relax and cares slip away. When I paint a detailed subject like a child's portrait or still life painting I enjoy the gentle sounds of John Denver, Rita MacNeil, Bon Jovi. When I paint a loose sports action watercolor with wild carefree splashes, I listen to upbeat tempo music like Lady Gaga, U2, the Stones. I find that the '60's oldies rock 'n roll pretty much suits everything I paint. It has been a natural progression, therefore, that music should be included in my paintings.

Most of my still life music instrument paintings depict a deeper meaning and emotion than is initially apparent. Through the use of visual metaphors, I try to create an atmosphere, a mood, tell a story. A harp, a grand piano, a cello in the conservatory are evidence of last night's swanky soiree; a violin, mandolin and metronome discarded in a dusty attic tell the sad tale of lovers parted; the happy sound of music echoes through the painting of a flute and piano in a sunny window. You can almost hear the joyful sound of the Virginia Walz! A guitar with candles, a diary and two pairs of skates hung to dry near a window displaying a vibrant evening sunset tells the story of romance. Click to enlarge each image and read a detailed description of the painting below it.
ith all the work that needs to be done in the garden, I find that I do most of my painting during the winter months. This is where the camera comes in handy. Recent technology has made the digital camera an invaluable tool for contemporary artists. We are able to take countless photos of the garden, different plants and spectacular blooms under different lighting conditions. Since the life of a flower is usually shorter than the time it takes to paint it and lighting changes from moment to moment, I find the camera is the only way to freeze that moment in time where the lighting is perfect, the bloom amazing. I find that painting a summer garden scene or flower during the winter brings twice the pleasure. I am engrossed in the detail of the bloom and forget about the blizzard outside my window.